Saturday, 4 May 2013

SimCity Solar Power Plant

I finally completed one! It is, however, a bit confusing. While it's nice to be able to delete your in-city power stations and zone residential so that the adviser guy stops bugging you about worker shortages, the Great Work solar plant doesn't seem to be much of a solution. It only seems to power the city that you have actually loaded. Neighbouring ones have "Needs power" above them in red text, despite the fact that they are also streaming power from the plant, and are fine as soon as you load them. It's just a nuisance, more than anything. Also, the plant likes catching fire a lot.

Other stuff:

Bright green roof?

It's very easy to screw-up the road layout. You don't want to see what I did to Hickory Ridge.

A sea of mansions.



Oops again..

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